“Killing is no ordinary act,” said the vampire. “One doesn’t simply glut oneself on blood.” He shook his head. “It is the experience of another’s life for certain, and often the experience of the loss of that life through the blood, slowly. It is again and again the experience of that loss of my own...







Ramsgate, 17 April 1876.

Dear Father and Mother,

By now you’ve no doubt received the telegram, but will be wanting to know more particulars. I wrote down a few things in the train and am sending you that, so you can see how my trip went.


We want to stay together today. Which would be...

The evening hour.

Slowly the toll of the angelus-bell resounded o’er the fields,

As they blissfully bathed in the gold of the evening sun.

O solemn, moving moment! When every mother in the village suddenly

Stops the whirring of the wheel to bless herself with the sign of the cross;...

Letter 083

Ramsgate, 31 May 1876

My dear Theo,

Bully for you, being in Etten on 21 May, happily there were 4 of the 6 at home.  Pa wrote to me in detail about everything that happened that day. Thanks, too, for your last letter.

Have I already written to you about the storm I saw recently? The...




requiem for a war


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